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Citadel is the best streaming TV platform designed to engage your customers, educate your patients and entertain your patrons.


Set your business or clinic apart from the competition. Make a lasting first impression with video content that engages your customers, building a relationship that positively impacts their buying decisions.


Elevate your customer’s understanding. Share, inspire, inform and educate clients. Why just wait when you can educate? Our digital signage experience transforms idle minutes into informative moments.


Standard TV programming isn't elevating your business. Leverage content in your business to entertain and connect with your customers! We revolutionize streaming content to compliment and boost your business.

Vertical Specific

We provide professionally created, tailored video content libraries designed for diverse industries.

More Than Eye Candy

Citadel empowers you and your team with the most intuitive, content creation tool and digital signage software allowing you to turn any TV or screen into a powerful education and sales tool in your business.

Empower Your Business

Streamline your communication, educate your customers or patients, and optimize your business – all with Citadel, your comprehensive content management & digital signage solution.

Content for your Business

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Simple and Powerful Tools


Leverage templates and tools to allow any member of your team to quickly create eye-catching content. Fully licensed content that can be used anywhere.


Get your screen or network up and running in minutes. Simple to understand point and click software to build your brand experience. Adaptive content scheduling for discrete control. Leverage your content with our own to create your customer experience.


Leverage tags and playback data to track how your network is performing. Export your findings in an easy to use PDF. Review location and playback data instantly.

Grow Your Business

Unlike cable, Citadel empowers your business with TV programming that engages, educates & entertains your clientele and fuels the growth of your business.


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Customers Streaming With Citadel

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“We LOVE having the content playing in our waiting room. It’s exactly what we were looking for! The content is excellent!”

Kory Castro

Casmin Hearing Group

"The material on the media player is very informative and brings a higher level of professionalism to our office."

Kim Cyrus

Amplisound Hearing Care Centers

"It gives another avenue of relationship building and lets practitioner (me) further educate patient, showing them why choosing us was a good decision, and all the while building a deeper level of trust."

Dr. Sandra Miller

Complete Hearing Solutions

Use cases

Where can Citadel be used?

Here are just a few examples of where Citadel has impact.





Revolutionize your patient experience with Citadel, transforming wait time into a dynamic learning opportunity. By providing relevant, educational, and engaging content, you not only reduces perceived wait times but also empower patients with valuable knowledge about their health. Citadel can enhance patient satisfaction, improve communication, and ultimately contribute to better health outcomes.

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ALZ Therapy

ALZ Therapy

ALZ Therapy

Citadel's content management software, with its ability to display custom pictures and videos, can greatly benefit Alzheimer's patients by stimulating memory recall and enhancing emotional well-being. Familiar visuals can trigger long-term memories, promoting a sense of continuity, comfort, and identity for those grappling with cognitive decline. By integrating personal and therapeutic visuals into everyday care, Citadel can profoundly enhance the quality of life and cognitive engagement for Alzheimer's patients.

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Hospital Room

Hospital Room

Hospital Room

Citadel's content management software offers a transformative solution for enhancing patient care and engagement within hospital rooms. Its ability to display personalized health information, educational content, and comforting messages directly to patients' rooms can greatly improve their understanding of their condition, while also reducing anxiety and isolation. With Citadel, hospitals can provide a more holistic, empowering, and comforting patient experience, ultimately supporting recovery and patient satisfaction.

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Assisted Living

Assisted Living

Assisted Living

Citadel's content management software serves as a groundbreaking tool for communicating with residents in assisted living centers, transforming the way information is shared and received. With its capability to display tailored content such as announcements, schedules, reminders, or personalized messages, it fosters a sense of community while ensuring residents are informed and engaged. Through this interactive and accessible medium, Citadel ensures smooth and effective communication, enhancing the quality of life and comfort for residents in assisted living centers.

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