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Based in the beautiful hill country of Austin, TX we are a small team of creative operators that know how to get things done!  Our mission is simple and powerful - to help providers improve patient outcomes with video content. Empowering Your Message, Guided by Faith

Citadel's story

We believe powerful software does not need to be rocket science! In fact, that’s exactly why we created Citadel. We’ve been serving content to our DOOH network in niche medical markets for close to 12 years.

I was finding the software platform we used to be bloated, complicated and frustrating. With over 1000 screens to manage, we needed something simple. Something without weird licensing agreements that required a math degree to figure out. So, what did we do? We innovated and manage the largest network of digital out of home media screens in thousands of hearing care practices throughout the US & Canada. After working with a number of large digital signage software platforms, we found ourselves frustrated with the complicated and “fat” programs that still required modifications to provide what we needed. Hours of expensive training, unclear license agreements, early termination fees for screens, complicated reports that never provided the basic data we needed. It got , well annoying and frustrating. We were looking for simplicity. We needed something that allowed us to create and manage a network of screens on content with a small staff without a ton of DOOH experience. So, we sat down, figured out how to create a platform that was easy to use but had the power and flexibility we needed. We got a rocket scientist to help us develop our platform.  We simplified everything! We take it from rocket science to “Rock It!” science.  

Coming from a first responder and military family, we named it Citadel. Citadel is your fortress where you create your “city of screens”. It becomes a part of your business system that tells your story. We are empowering your message, guided by faith.

Colossians 3:23-24

How it works

Our team

Meet the team that helps you educate your patients with powerful video content.

Michele Ahlman
CEO/Company Cheerleader/Endurance Masocist

When I am not coming up with cool & crazy ideas and selling the awesomeness of our stuff to people, I can most likely be found sweaty and suffering through an endurance workout, drinking a cold beer at a local brewery with my hubby or reading about people an the Bible.

Alex Davis
Client Success and Support

Who am I…?What a loaded question, I can talk about myself for hours!

Lukas Keen
Head of Product Development and occasional Coffee Maker

I do a little bit of this and a little bit of that.

Patrick Bell
Lead Developer & smart guy with a nice car

Code wizardy is my thing. Not your typical developer guy, I do a little stand up on the side. Oh, and I like fast cars.

Tammy Steen
Numbers Gal

Hi, I’m Tammy. I live in Blanco, Texas with my husband of ‘many’ years. We met when we both worked at my Dad’s grocery store together (yes, he did marry the boss’s daughter!). I enjoy spending time with our two kids and our two beautiful granddaughters. Family fun is my hobby! I also love kitties and have two wild and crazy ones, Gus and Wyatt.

Chase Davis
Supply Chain

Who am I you may be asking? I’m the man with a shipping plan!

Nick Strom
Creative Dude & Content Magician

Chello, I'm Nick. Aside from creating all our awesome content, I'm either knee deep in gaming, cruising around on my Indian and have been known to eat 30 scoops of ice cream in one sitting.


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