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Can you imagine having every patient mentally prepared, motivated, informed and inspired to take action as they begin their appointment?

Few places are more important than your waiting room.

It’s here that your patients first get a feel for your practice and services—and it’s the perfect place to have impact.

Without a minute of staff time, the content on your screen can educate your patients about what to expect during their appointment, the services you offer, present educational information about health.

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Vertical Specific

We provide professionally created, tailored video content libraries designed for diverse industries.

More Than Eye Candy

Citadel empowers you and your team with the most intuitive, content creation tool and digital signage software allowing you to turn any TV or screen into a powerful education and sales tool in your business.

Empower Your Business

Streamline your communication, educate your customers or patients, and optimize your business – all with Citadel, your comprehensive content management & digital signage solution.

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From vertical specific content to the fun entertainment. Keep your patients in the know and feeling good as they head to your waiting room.

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