Chamber of Commerce

Citadel's content management software is a game-changer for chambers of commerce in small communities, offering a robust platform to build a custom community promotional network.

A Custom TV Channel for Your Community

The Citadel platform provides a communication platform for local businesses to promote each other, share community stories, news & events, which unites, supports and celebrates the community.

Its dynamic capabilities allow you to broadcast local events, highlight businesses, and share important community updates, strengthening engagement and fostering a sense of unity. Through Citadel's advanced yet user-friendly system, small communities can invigorate local economy, promote civic pride, and transform the way they communicate, connect, and grow.

The Most Powerful Positive Feedback Loop Ever!

It is so important communities support their own small businesses allowing community members that have taken the risk and invested in their town, a cost-effective platform to promote each other within the community.